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Posted by on 11 May, 2023 in Australian Crime Fiction, British Crime, Crime, Thriller | 0 comments



Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine No.99

George Easter has just sent out the latest issue of his Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine (No. 99) and it is another great issue packed full of reviews and interesting information.

The issue celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the magazine, which first appeared in April 1993, and is a remarkable achievement by George. In that time a number of crime fiction magazines have come and gone, but Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine, now in electronic format, has persevered and has the best coverage of contemporary crime fiction and thrillers that you can find, plus some informative ‘look backs’ at past writers and books.

The main article in the current issue is on Dennis Lehane and his latest novel, Small Mercies. Lehane is probably best known as the author of the masterful Mystic River and Small Mercies shares that novel’s epic perspective as it looks back at complex issues such as racism, family and justice within the framework of a crime novel. A well considered, informed review gives a good sense of the book and there is an interesting in-depth interview with Lehane that is well worth reading.

There is also an interesting article on Unusual Characters with Unusual Abilities, such as those with photographic memories or the ability to tell when someone is lying, and Assistant Editor Larry Gandle’s provides his annual robust critique of the Edgar Award nominees and winners.

The issue also highlights the short lists for the magazine’s Barry Awards, the winners of which will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies of the San Diego Bouchercon on 31 August 2023. Voting on the awards is open to all readers of the magazine, but votes must be submitted before 24 July 2023.

Here is a link to the nominees in the various categories for the Barry Awards:

In addition, there is the usual sweeping collection of book reviews that cover all aspects of crime fiction from cozy mysteries to historical crime to action thrillers. There are also articles on new Australian crime fiction, including from Mali Waugh, Michelle Prak and J. P. Pomare, and the best new releases from the United Kingdom. There is also a very useful list of the best crime novels released so far this year and foreshadowing of what is coming out over the next few months.

As well, George and Assistant Editor Larry Gandle provide their usual interesting thoughts on the current state of the genre.

As always, Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine is a terrific read that will inspire your criminal reading and alert you to those books, which may fall a little short of expectations.

It really is a must read for anyone interested in crime novels, mysteries and thrillers.

Here is a link to George’s website where you can get more information and details on how to subscribe:

Personal disclosure: I am a contributor to the magazine.

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