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Posted by on 24 May, 2019 in Bestseller, Looking Forward Friday, serial killer thriller | 2 comments



Knife by Jo Nesbo

Each Friday I try to look ahead to a book that I am looking forward to reading and reviewing. This week it is Jo Nesbo’s Knife.

Knife is the twelfth installment in Nesbo’s highly popular series about troubled Norwegian detective Harry Hole. The series is tough and brutal and Hole comes in for a lot of rough treatment over the course of the twelve books. Nesbo claims that he has been brutal to Harry before, but never as brutal as he is in Knife.

The Harry Hole novels are interesting for their Norwegian locations and epic plots, but the sadomasochistic tone of the books and their bulky size can be off-putting. I will be interested to see if Nesbo takes Harry in a new direction or if he just pursues the usual path of brutality and drunken reflections.

I have only just received my advanced copy and from a quick glance it seems to follow the pattern established in the earlier books. Still recovering from the dramatic conclusion of the last book, The Thirst, Harry awakes from a ferocious hangover to find his hands covered in blood and little memory of the night before. It is not long before Harry finds himself rocked by another traumatic event and forced to watch from the sidelines as his colleagues investigate a deeply personal crime for Harry. In his usual fashion, Harry ignores his superiors and conducts his own investigation, in between numerous drinking bouts.

I have only just started reading Knife and will be interested to see where it goes. I will review it over the next week or so.

Knife seems to have universal release on 11 July 2019.


  1. I’ve read some of the Harry Hole novels, but I need to space them. The excessive drinking gets to me, but the cases usually hold my attention from beginning to end. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on this one.

    • I agree very much – the drinking is boring!

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