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Posted by on 23 Sep, 2022 in Australian Crime Fiction, Bestseller, British Crime, British Thrillers, Canberra Weekly, Crime, Forecast Friday, Looking Forward Friday, Romance, Thriller | 2 comments



It is nice to come back from 6 weeks of holidays to find a pile of books waiting for you!

Although some 50 review books is probably a bit too much! Especially as I also got an additional batch electronically, and the books have continued to come in at a pace since I arrived back.

Fortunately my colleague at dealt with some of the books while I was away and has already reviewed the Robert Harris’ Act Of Oblivion and Emma Style’s No Country For Girls and some others for the Canberra Weekly.

Of the batch on display I was particularly pleased to get Lee and Andrew Child’s No Plan B, Chris Hammer’s Tilt,
C J Box’s Treasure State and Ian Rankin’s A Heart Full Of Headstones for review on this blog and in the Canberra Weekly. I have already started the Rankin and it is dark, but good.

I also thought that the true crime book Suburban Noir about Crime and Mishap in 1950s and 1960s Sydney by the always entertaining Peter Doyle looks very interesting.

Of the general fiction books, I think that Tricia Springer’s Keeping Up Appearances and Lauren Nossett’s The Resemblance (not on display), will find their ways into reviews for the Canberra Weekly. There is also several very good non-fiction books, including Peter Stanley’s Hul! Hul!, about the Santal Rebellion in Bengal in 1855, Grainne Cleary’s Why Do Birds Do That? and Raina MacIntyre’s insider guide to pandemics and biosecurity, Dark Winter.

So plenty of reading to do!

I will shortly be doing posts on the ten forthcoming crime and thriller titles that I am most looking forward to reading in the lead up to Christmas and a quick overview of the books I read on holidays.

Keep reading!


  1. Oh! A new Rankin… that is something to look forward to. Enjoy your treasure trove!

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