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The Long Dogs!

Nothing to see here. Just three dogs and their toadstool toy on guard duty! (August 2019)
Layla is obsessed with cleaning Toby’s ears and he just sits there and puts up with it (August 2019)
Layla cleaning Toby’s ears (August 2019)
This cannot be comfortable! (August 2019)
Bailey looking regal and looking for rabbits! (August 2019)
When mum goes to work 1
When mum goes to work 2
When mum goes to work 3
When mum goes to work 4

The above photos were taken from our dog cam while we were overseas and Stephanie was stuck minding the three of them. I just love the two dachshunds watching!

Another hard day at the office for Toby! While Bailey contemplates the world.
Layla suddenly realising that she has been left behind on the walk!
When it is that cold outside the pups like to huddle near the heater, no matter how cramped it is! See poor Toby’s nose!
Close up of poor Toby’s nose!
When it is cold outside and you have to wear a t-shirt over your coat #howdoigetitoff
Winter Is Here!!
Winter Sun!
Toby is 4 today 10 April (with his present)
Toby with his presents
Toby pup
Toby as a pup (June 2015)
Bailey the Beagle
Book Dachshund
My Bed!

The 3 Amigos in the sun

Toby and Layla


Christmas Toby
Toby on guard
At play
Book Dogs!
Toby on night patrol
A hard day at the office
Toby at work in the study
Layla and Toby at play

Toby and Layla chasing Bailey the Beagle at the Astro Turf park

Flying Beagle!