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Posted by on 24 Aug, 2022 in Australian Crime Fiction, Bestseller, British Crime, Crime, Television shows, Thriller, Throwback Thursday | 0 comments

THE SUSPECT (2004) By Michael Robotham

THE SUSPECT (2004) By Michael Robotham

The Suspect by Michael Robotham (original 2004 Time Warner cover)

The television adaptation of Michael Robotham’s first novel The Suspect is finally about to hit the screens in the United Kingdom early next week. Starring Aiden Turner it is sure to be another hit for Michael, who has also enjoyed screen success with the English adaption of his novel, The Secrets She Keeps, and two German television shows based on his Joe O’Loughlin books.

The Suspect was his first novel about psychologist Joe O’Loughlin and launched the start of what turned out to be a very good and very popular series of books.

Back in 2004 I had the pleasure of reviewing The Suspect for the Canberra Times, without realising how successful Michael would become.

Here is what I said about the book on 25 April 2004 (thankfully it was positive!)

“Former bestselling ghostwriter Michael Robotham has enjoyed spectacular success with his first novel, The Suspect. Within weeks of its release in England, The Suspect was a top-10 seller and has been (optioned) for a television movie.

The book opens with the near-perfect world of clinical psychologist Joseph O’Loughlin being thrown into chaos.

Within a few days he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and a former patient is found murdered alongside a London canal.

O’Loughlin initially lends his professional assistance to the police to help with their investigations, but a series of startling revelations soon have the police viewing O’Loughlin as a potential suspect.

This is a well-crafted thriller that moves smoothly through a series of twists and turns and interesting reflections on criminal psychology.”

I recently re-read The Suspect and thought that it has held up well and was still a very good read. It was a very accomplished first novel and really set the scene for the books that followed. It remains one of my favourite books by Michael, along with his recent Cyrus Haven novels.

I am looking forward to seeing the television adaptation when it finally makes it way to Australia.

Aiden Turner publicity still from The Suspect

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